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Alex Lyysaari (b. 1993) is a freelance musician, songwriter, music producer and sound designer currently residing in Helsinki, Finland.

An alumnus of Metropolia School of Applied Sciences, Alex holds a Bachelor's degree in Music with a focus on music writing and production.


Alex's style of music production is marked by a passion for do-it-yourself and lo-fi attitudes, infusing his music with an authentic and immediate resonance. In pursuit of a genuine atmosphere, Alex chooses unconventional recording settings, ranging from the comfort of homes to the ambiance of rehearsal spaces, cabins, and even school gym halls. This approach adds a distinctive aura of authenticity to his recordings. A unique aspect of Alex's creative process involves the integration of samples derived from everyday objects and environments, creating a rich tapestry of sound.


Alex's latest work is a captivating, mind-bending soundscape for Sari Soininen's solo exhibition hosted at the Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva.

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